Work-place injury, Depression & My Answer

Hi there, Shawno here i would like to tell you my story,

Back in July 2018, it was a Friday, I had a substantial Knee injury at work, I had tears in my posttrial capuaI, ligament and tendon damage, and a torn kneecap. I was working in the Civil And Mining industry. I was the leading hand on a roadworks site, working with a 20tonne excavator.  The water cart came passed our section to give us some much-needed dust suppression. After the water truck drove passed we went back to work. After about 15 mins or so I noticed that the 2inch flex dive pump (water pump) the apprentice had set up was in the wrong spot and it was pumping dry (No water). Knowing this pump, and previous incidents it was only a matter of time before it caught on fire. So instinct took over and I sprung into action, eagerly trying to reach the pump before something bad would happen.

Well it did, I slipped and fell awkwardly up the incline. At first, I stood up embarrassed (as you do after you have just fallen over haha) and continued over to turn off the pump.  It was then once the pump was off I realized something wasn’t right, I don’t know if it was the noise from the pump or the stillness in the air, and the quietness of the pump turned off or just plain old adrenaline.

Being the typical Bloke I tried to shrug it off because I needed to get the job finished. About to head back into the work zone when the excavator operator yell out( might I add laughing his ass off cause he has seen me fall over) its smoko. It was only a 200m walk back to the site compound I thought I would walk it off just like anything else.(She’ll be right).By the time I got back to the compound my knee was the size of a watermelon and seized up with the pain unbearable to stand or walk I had to sit and get ice right away.

After all the paperwork was done it was off to the doctors. The doctor I saw the first time, (i swear he got his doctorate off a cereal box) gave me some aspirin and said rest up and if it still hurts come back on Monday…

So by the time Monday came around, I could walk, I had gone all weekend with no painkillers and no crouches a crying baby and a worn out but eagerly supportive wife( Who came up with the idea to use a stool to hop around the house). So to walk 20 meters with a house broom under my arm down the driveway to get into my company lift to go to the doctors was a feat in itself. After finally get the right advice by a proper doctor, treatment, scans, physiotherapist and crouches I was finally able to mend and heal.

Once the pain was taken care of and I finally emotionally calm down, after the weekend from hell. Then the financial worries started. I was living week to week as it was, now with no more over time and limited movement and new family costs like preschool and educational requirements for my little girl, till I was better this meant no more of the everyday luxuries that I took for granted for example no beer, smokes nothing but rest, ice and painkillers the perfect cocktail for a depressive disaster.

After a week  “Working from home” for reasons only my company knows why. (wink wink) I returned to my work site and was put in the office with a laptop and told to help out with site diaries and do paperwork and help will be given as needed. The safety officer showed me how to use YouTube and eBay on my laptop haha .( I’m a carpenter/ builder by trade and a Machine operator/road builder, I had never had to use a computer for a job before let alone turn one on.) 

I struggled to start with, as anyone would in a foreign alien environment, but as the days went past, mastering bit by bit, then after a few weeks. I became very efficient and what used to take me all day to do, I could get done in an hour or so. which meant I have all day with nothing to do unless something popped up.

There was one day imparticular I remember very clearly I was sitting there daydreaming out the window, watching everybody busy working. It was at that moment I had an epiphany, I decided I was not going to work and spend the next 30 years in harsh, stressful, remote, live away environments working 12hr day busting my body and working for a promotion I deep down didn’t want, praying for a window seat, trading time for money. Worst of all to have a retirement, but I couldn’t enjoy until I am 70years of age and burnt out. It was at this exact moment i decided that i CAN NOT AND WILL NOT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE…

Not to mention the relationship strains with my wife and family and missing out on my little girl growing up. These are huge sacrifices being made not just by me but by all of us in this industry on a day to day basis. I have seen a lot in my 20yrs of working in the construction industry from:

  • Tuff men brought to tears.
  • injury minor/ fatality,
  • Divorces,
  • women unfaithful,
  • men unfaithful,
  • Men losing there kids and contact,
  • Suicides,
  • Depression,
  • Gamblers,
  • Sexuality struggles,
  • Drug and alcohol abuse and I could keep the list going and going…

Then I started using my new found computer skills to see if I could get paid to do something that I could love and make a heap of money quick. I decided off the top of my head that I was going to start a youtube channel called promoting 4wd adventure, modifications, and travel advises and to be an affiliate marketer. By having the channel I could easily promote and sell other peoples products, that was the plan… So I bought a domain name, I half-ass build a site that I had no idea what I was doing and thought its done now I will get paid people will want me to promote stuff ill get paid off youtube ill be rich. HAHA, Boy was I wrong… I wasted the last of my savings $223 and the get quick rich scheme course I did for $300 which was a scam I received no training at all. Now when I reflect back on it, I was angry with myself for trying a quick fix and failing and allowing myself to become so vulnerable at the whole idea and concept that starting my own business was another crushed dream, looked like back to playing in the dirt for the next 30yrs waiting to be 70years old…

Feeling defeated and embarrassed to tell my peers I failed, I went for one last look on youtube for the day and I came across an advertisement telling me about his own personal digital lifestyle business and how he was making consistent income and owed it all to the education of Six Figure Mentors & Digital Expert Academy. So I curiously although skeptical clicked on the link. I entered my email address but I strictly told my self I would no buy anything and that the dream was over and just needed proof that all these ads are scams. Then it offered me a free 7 part video series with Sturt Ross and Jay Kubassek who I had vaguely heard of in my brief research. It was the first time I was offered something for free on this subject and it was more educational than the $300 course in just the first video, it felt like these guys actually understand what I wanted to achieve, and who I wanted to be, so with that, I took a look.

I am so pleased to tell you that I am glad I clicked on that link and entered my email address. It has been a huge life-changing awesome experience for me mentally, physically and financially. Yes, I have had to learn new skills and thinking methods but these new rituals use every day that has added to my achievements,  could never go back to the way things were 6 months ago. that’s right it has been 6mths and I am just only able to walk around properly.  Now I have a successful online business as a marketing affiliate building multiple streams of income on the internet. Although the SFM and DEA education products I personally use are achieving my best online results.

If you have been in a similar situation or you are interested in what I believe to be the worlds best online education to free your self from a job or career you are not passionate about, then please click on the link below. Believe that there is a way you don’t have to wait for retirement to enjoy your life and start doing the things you truly love. Create that burning desire and have faith and all your dreams will come to you.

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Alternative design of Cob and Under ground living-part 4

Hi there,

This time we will be talking about cob houses and underground homes, both designs having there own pros and cons. These two styles are definitely worth considering when planning an alternative home, come and read with me and i will explain why.

Cob is a very old traditional method of building buy combining dirt, clay, and straw or other fibers. Cob is normally applied by hand in large gobs (or cobs) which are tossed from one person to another during the building process. The traditional way of mixing the clay/sand/straw is quite unique by using your bare feet; Reason being, it is quite labor intensive. One of the luxuries of living in this day and age is that we can utilize plant and machinery ie. an excavator or a backhoe, to take some of the manual pain out of the equation. Although it considerably diminishes the organic nature of the design and does boost the overall cost of the project.

“you want roughly between 2 parts clay, 1 part sand, a sprinkling of straw and a little water”.

Straw cob can have some insulation it would not make a very comfortable house in a climate of extreme temperatures. The wonderful thing about cob construction is that it can be freeform, and turned into as modest or as sculpturally desired. Cob was a common building material in England in the nineteenth century, it was cheap and plentiful and a lot of those buildings are still standing today.                 (pic-)

You’ll need to do a soil test on your own dirt to see if it’s suitable for cob building, but generally, most sites have some sort of usable soil.

Cob is also very durable if it is properly sheltered from the rain.  A good roof will protect the walls and has the potential to last for hundreds of years. When the house started to weather and begins to look bad, you can actually just re-apply a new layer of cob on to the outside to make it like new again.

Cob is very affordable in most cases, all the materials can be found on your own land or can be obtained in large quantities for quite cheap.

For example the $500 house…


Cob houses are very fire resistant because they are built out of mostly clay and sand, you don’t have much for a bushfire to catch a light.  Cob is a popular choice for areas that prone to wildfires or other extreme weather.

Creating a cob house can create a very healthy air quality for a home. Once you make your cob, it will need to dry out fully and that can take months to years.  The bulk of the moisture will dry out of the walls in the first year, but will not fully cure for 1-2 years after that.

Once you build the house and add a roof, you should allow it to breathe for many months before moving into it so you’re not exposed to the mold and mildew. Then I’d start the internal sealing process. When you do move in, a dehumidifier will be important to draw a large amount of moisture out of the air

There is something so cozy, appealing and comforting about the curves in a cob house.  You can have these organic forms that allow elements just flow into each other.  It is hard to put your finger on exactly what it is about cob houses, but they definitely have this magical quality, unlike no other home I have walked into.

check out the link below for some fantastic advice and tips on building a cob home.

Underground home

Underground construction is not a new concept, it has been around for thousands of years or so.  Mainly developed through mining and more currently in the transport, housing, and commercial industries. Making it easier to go underground with a more of a controlled environment as opposed to building on some of the harshest environments in the world.

Underground housing (earth-sheltered housing or earth ships) refers specifically to homes that have been built underground, sometimes either partially or completely buried underground. This style of home has grown increasingly popular since the ’80s because of there diverse and extremely low impact on the environment and supports the green building movement.

Thousands of people around the world live in underground homes. There is a misinformed belief that underground homes are dirty, damp, dark, claustrophobic and unstable places to live. This is generally due to a lack of information and knowledge about building regulations and specifications, as opposed to traditional building practice they have become used to.

Underground Dwelling Design

The design of an underground home is determined by the conditions and layout of your site, which makes all the homes unique. You must carefully consider the soil type, density and compaction levels, groundwater levels, load-bearing properties, and slope stability. Construction materials need to be waterproof, durable and strong enough to withstand underground pressures that’s why concrete is considered a perfect choice.  Not only can you turn it into any shape or size,  durable, strong and (quality concrete it also gets stronger with age as it never entirely goes off). Commonly used in the roof areas of the dwelling.

Concrete pic

  Underground building methods and styles

  1. Constructed Caves – made by tunneling into the earth. Its a popular method around the world, although an expensive and very dangerous procedure.
  2. Cut and Cover – these are made by assembling precast concrete pipes and containers into the required design of the living space, and then burying them in the ground, basically a culvert home.
  3. Earth Berm – home is built on a flat bit of land or a small hill and then buried, only leaving a wall or roof open for sunlight.
  4. Elevational – the home is built into the side of a hill with the front of the home left open.( similar to 3)
  5. Atrium – Courtyard homes, the rooms are built below the surface and around a sunken garden or courtyard that lets in natural light.
  6. PSP – stands for post, shoring, and polyethylene. House is built by excavating the ground, ramming in posts and placing shoring (boards) between the posts and the earth. Then placing polyethylene plastic sheets (for waterproofing) behind the shoring boards.

All underground homes need well-designed and have ventilation systems to control indoor air quality and humidity. Natural daylight design using light atriums, shafts and wells can be used to improve the quality of underground living.

Advantages of Building Underground

they can be built on steep surfaces and can maximise space in small areas by going below the ground. The materials excavated in construction can be used for the building process (saves digging).

Underground houses have less surface area, This means less building materials which means cheaper overall cost of the build. They are also wind, fire, and earthquake resistant, providing a safe environment in extreme weather conditions.

One of the greatest benefits of underground living is energy efficiency. The earth’s natural subsurface temperature remains surprisingly stable, so underground dwellings benefit from geothermal mass and heat exchange, stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This saves on average 80% in energy costs. For a very educating read its a little pricey but totally worth the read its a small cost considering the information you get click on  Sustainable Built Environments

By also incorporating solar designs, this energy bill can be reduced to zero, by using hot water and heat to the home all year round. An additional benefit of the surrounding earth is noise insulation (no noisy neighbors lol). Underground homes are exceptionally quiet and peaceful places to live.

Click below to find out more…

GOWE Grid tie solar power system from 1500W to 10KW(3KW)

My thoughts…

A well-designed underground or cob home can be a stylish, comfortable, secure, bright, unique and inspiring place to live. More than that they can be an excellent example of the ideal eco-home, demonstrating energy efficiency, low-impact design, and harmony with its natural surroundings. With the increasing demand and ever diminishing real estate and not to mention the prices involved in traditional building methods. It seems only natural that people are now looking at building alternative sustainable life-styles. For me, it just seems an obvious way to go for a brighter future.

Thank you for reading

Shawn Fitzgerald





off-grid living achieved with affiliate marketing

Have you ever dreamed of living an off-grid and debt free lifestyle? Whether you’re interested in the privacy, the freedom, or the sheer flexibility of an untethered lifestyle, thanks to the rise of affiliate marketing it’s never been more possible to go off-grid. Even if you don’t have any resources to start with, you can do it without compromising a debt-free lifestyle. Today, we’ll talk about how affiliate marketing enables and supports off-grid living, to whatever extent you desire. It’s a debt-free lifestyle where your effort becomes your reward, instead of simply allowing you to pull one paycheck you’ll immediately turn over to utility companies, cable companies, landlords, and others.


Financing your lifestyle

Living an off-grid lifestyle can be very difficult and very expensive, which often keeps it in the realm of dreams for your average 9 to 5 worker. Of course, the expense can vary wildly depending on whether you want to be truly off-the-grid, with no dependence on utility companies, grocery stores, or other outside groups, or just want to be able to cut the cord and live as you like without worrying about your job or going into debt.

Regardless of which you’re interested in, the principle remains the same: You need money in your pocket and you need flexibility in your lifestyle. Affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to achieve both, quicker and with less start-up capital than any alternative—a truly promising start for a tether-free, debt-free lifestyle. You’ll be able to move somewhere cheap and build yourself a self-sustainable high-efficiency home or take your life around the world, living in hotels and room rentals with nothing but your laptop for work.

Relative to other businesses you might start online or off, affiliate sales allows you to start earning money at a nearly unmatched speed. As soon as your content goes live, it can potentially start sending visitors through your links—then it’s just a matter of how quickly your affiliate program of choice pays out. This means you could potentially start earning from affiliate programs in under a week, depending on how quickly your content gets in front of the right eyes and how much effort you put in.


No more spending money just to get by

Just imagine how great it would feel be to be bill free, to never see another piece of mail charging you for living your life, to never drag yourself into work because the alternative is going hungry, or having your power cut off, or losing internet access. Every dollar you earn can be earned for yourself, paying to build your own property value or pay for a new exciting trip. It’s the lifestyle everyone dreams of, but puts off for retirement—or forever.

But affiliate programs can complement this off-grid debt free lifestyle with multiple income streams, and make your dream a reality now. Whether you keep grinding away at your career while using affiliate programs as additional income or go all in on multiple channels of affiliate marketing, you’ll soon find that your effort doesn’t fade away and leave you struggling for the next paycheck. It adds up, with new work connecting with old to create more and more streams of revenue.

You’ll also notice that over time, affiliate marketing can become a self-sustaining business. A new piece of content doesn’t just bring eyes and earnings for itself, but for all other content, you produce. You can put together entire websites that require only a tiny bit of attention to maintain earnings, which in turn allows you to put together other sites and earners. You can do all of this on your own, or outsource upkeep when you’re big enough to spare yourself even more time.


Promote and endorse the products you purchase and receive money commissions on sales

One of the best aspects of affiliate marketing is that you get to turn your hobbies and interests into a career. Think about all of the times you’ve given a friend or acquaintance a gushing review about a favorite product, just because you wanted them to try it. Affiliate marketing is that as a job. You promote products you like earnestly, and people who share your interests will learn to trust your recommendations and follow through on your suggestions.

It’s far easier to be a success in affiliate marketing with an earnest interest in what you’re promoting and endorsing, so don’t distract yourself with worries about what ‘makes the most’—what makes the most is what you can create the best content about. It’s a perfect fit for living an off-grid and debt-free lifestyle because it rewards staying true to what you enjoy.

As a side benefit, you’ll find it’s much easier to justify experimenting with products and trying new things related to your interests when it’s a critical component of your ‘job’—no more lengthy debates with yourself over whether to try something new, when trying something new gives you new insight and knowledge you can share as part of your affiliate marketing endeavors.


Mobility and flexibility

Living off-grid doesn’t have to mean buying the cheapest parcel of land in the middle of nowhere and fortifying it like a bunker unless that’s your dream. As an affiliate marketer, you can pull regular income without tethering yourself to a location or lifestyle, meaning you can go wherever you like whenever you like. You can do what you want and buy what you need, without putting yourself back into the rat race and participating in a system you’re no doubt tired of. A debt-free lifestyle off-grid is the best thing you’ll ever experience.

Feel under the weather for a few weeks? You can change your workload without worrying about bills. Have a little self-sufficient off-grid farm and need time for your harvest? No worries, your affiliate sites will keep earning while you spend some time in the sun.

Don’t feel like being self-sufficient this month? This year? Then dive into your marketing work and earn a bit more to cover the items and labor you need to keep your lifestyle comfortable. It’s all up to you. There’s no career where it’s easier to stay flexible so you don’t get bored while still living debt free lifestyle.

After all, affiliate marketing covers a huge range of day-to-day endeavors. You can move from blog posts about fine watches to YouTube videos about consumer electronics, or work on both at the same time—as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to support each channel and revenue stream, the sky is the limit.


Success is waiting

Countless affiliates live a debt-free lifestyle from their YouTube sites, their blogs, their Instagram accounts, their social media posts. There are channels and mediums out there for every audience, every product, every market imaginable. A single motivated person with an interesting way of reviewing products can become an international celebrity from their endeavors on a single YouTube channel, without ever doing more than honestly appraising their favorite products.

You can do it too. You just need to figure out what you care about, what interesting things you have to say about the things you care about, and who your audience should be. Be funny or serious, be focused in an industry or honest to a gimmick, stick to a single brand or diversify across different products, channels, and audiences.

You just need to work for it, and you’ll be able to live the off-grid debt free lifestyle you desire. Free from an office building, and bills in the mail, and debt collectors, and worries about how you’ll pay for the next holiday or medical bill or car repair.

How to potentional buy and own a home sooner.

The cost of building a house today is higher than it was a few years ago and researchers have predicted that the price will go even higher in the next decade.

With the economic situation and technology, building and construction materials are gaining more value and this has a significant effect on the final cost of building a new home.

This has left a lot of people with the sole option of buying a completed house to avoid the loss and stress of making a new one altogether.

This is because buying a new home is cheaper and has numerous benefits compared to building your own. These benefits include avoiding the hustle of purchasing land, contracting architects, engineers, and construction managers, getting the convenience of available amenities that come with a pre-established neighborhood among many other advantages

Even with the benefits of buying a home, a house being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it is affordable. It might prove to be very hard to save for the deposit or even the following monthly installments.

Reaching the target deposit might be a challenge especially with the existence of high price items and today’s high cost of living.

Image result for six figure mentors results

However, do not be intimidated there is a potential solution. There is a World-Class Education and mentorship program that has helped a lot of people. This world-class education program is known as Six figure mentors (SFM) and Digital Expert Academy (DEA). 

SFM DEA is a worldwide and world-class education provider that enriches you with a necessary world-class education that empowers you to better your online presence with different product lines. SFM DEA provides a customized world-class education and focused mentorship package, which will help you achieve various financial goals concurrent with saving to buy a home.

“In short, the extra money moves you from a tiny house or unconventional lifestyle to a bigger and better home coupled with a higher-level lifestyle and financial freedom”.

Even with the world-class education they provide, the pre-mentioned mentors offer a sales funnel that has the potential to earn you a little or a  lot of money determined by you and your needs. The SFM DEA sales funnel works in 4 steps.

Image result for six figure mentors

  1. There is a free Online video training package, There is a landing page which can be customized and assists you to sign new leads and clients.The second step is the application sales page where you earn $20 commission for selling a $29.95 application. The third step is the application submission step where your lead submits their request to SFM DEA.
  2. The final step is the Business system upgrade where you earn a whopping $200 / $100 commission for all membership upgrade sales on SFM DEA and a following $20 commission for the continuing membership months.The extra money provided by SFM DEA is an excellent supplement especially if you are low on cash to buy a new home. This conclusively shortens the time you would take to earn money to complete your deposit.To buy a home faster,

1. Creating a clear Plan and setting realistic goals

The first step in purchasing a home soon is to plan and set goals. The following are a few tips on the general planning to buy a new home;

Create a checklist where you can cross off every achievement

This makes the decision-making process transparent and concise which at the end of the day shortens the process of buying a new home.

Setting a timeframe within which you should be in a new home gives you a preview of the whole process and helps you make decisions beforehand.

Determine how much you are willing to spend on a new home, specifically on repayment and initial costs

Do not exert or exhaust your whole savings. Leave enough for future emergencies. If possible find a way to get the extra money required. In fact, exploiting the SFM DEA sales funnel mentioned above might just be what you need!

Make a budget for all expenses that you will incur during the whole process

Consider all the costs that you will pay for including gas, coffees, retainers and all necessary fees. Until you have a clear budget, you might not be able to have the complete picture of moving to a new home. If necessary, let the extra money earned from SFM DEA cater for the small expenses.

Finding a way to increase your savings and earnings

This broadens your house options and the higher the buying price, the bigger and better the home. Getting the extra money requires a new spectrum of thinking, and it may even not include your salary.

Paying off existing loans increases your borrowing limits, and this might come in handy. SFM DEA commission method might bring in the extra money without you having to break a sweat. With the world class education, they provide, you might even get much than what your salary gives you.

• Make a clear list of what home characteristics you want and which you don’t. This will shorten the search criteria and hence save you time and money.

2. Seeking funds early enough

Yes, you have made a clear and concise plan, and it is now the best time to confirm if your bank is willing to offer the extra dime.

Visit your banking agents and explore new banking options with a working figure at hand. Find out how much you will get from the bank and take note of all the possible outcomes and interest rates.

Ensure you will not cripple yourself trying to pay back the money borrowed.

You can also get reviews on borrowing experiences from friends as it helps you determine the best options since experience is the best teacher.

Starting to save early might also prove to be of benefit. Finding extra money will surely speed up the process.

3. Get a real estate consultation team in place

Experts are experienced people in their respective fields. They must have had a world class education for them to be experts in the first place. With the vast years of accumulated knowledge and experience they bring to the table, their input is invaluable, and they will create a clear path for you to follow and also be with you every step of the way.

This will shorten the time you might spend consulting on different options being offered.

There are a few experts who will guide you in the process of buying a new home such as;

Financial advisor

A financial advisor is one of the critical experts needed especially to make the process quick and effective. A financial advisor gives you a summation of your projected income versus monthly and final expenditure.

He also advises you on the most comfortable amount you can spend on the new home and various financing options available including good sources of extra money.

This knowledge will save you time considering you would have had to make numerous transactions to gain enough experience to make a clear decision for yourself.

Mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers assist you throughout the whole process from loan acquiring to buying to settlement. They offer you a lot of options, and with their connections to different lending institutions, they could save you a lot of time during loaning.

Legal representative

Getting an experienced legal representative or using the one you already have is extremely important. Having them prepare the needed legal documents early in advance will quicken the home buying process.


To save time, find a realtor who is based in the area you are considering moving to. This makes it easier to buy a home since he most probably has a good working relationship with the homeowners wishing to sell.

4. Begin the hunt

With the approximate expenditure target in mind, set out early to look for a home. Do not stay too long in a place trying to negotiate. If they do not offer what you had planned for, move to the next house. If you find no suitable home at the end of the day, then you need to change your search criteria.

5. Make a strong offer

Once everything is in place, ensure you make a firm, reasonable and achievable offer. This eliminates a lot of competition and also quickens the whole process.

With a good suggestion, the owners will not spend a lot of time coordinating the complete bargaining processes.

In conclusion, money does the talking. For every step to fall into place, financial backing must be reliable. If you wish to get a new home in the least amount of time possible, all the factors mentioned above are necessary.

“The world-class education provided at SFM and at DEA is essential as it sets you up for more earnings to push you a stair higher regarding financial backing. Note that any legal source of extra money should always be welcome”.

shipping container homes and fuctunality= Part 3

Hi there,

As promised here we are again for round 3. This time we will be continuing on from where we left off. We finished with a look at houseboat concepts and ideas, So moving forward we will be looking at container homes vs traditional homes, structure, layout and they can be used on unquie blocks of land. The cost comparison with materials used to create a sustainable home.

Let us jump straight into it.

A question that answers its self… Why go to the effort to design and build a whole new house structure(framework) when you could make one out affordable existing materials that are cost-effective and readily available. Some large-scale developments finding shipping containers very   useful, and they are also becoming very popular in smaller applications such as creating a  family home or granny flat . They also provide a simple way of extending your house as you can install a granny flat in your backyard for some extra accommodation space.

Yes, of course, the mighty Shipping container,the best thing about them are:

  • they are durable
  • adaptable to any climate and weather conditions
  • come in all shapes and sizes.
  • They can be stacked on top of one another
  •  they can be cut,
  • they can be welded
  • they have endless possibilities and configurations.

Shipping container home VS conventional Home

The gloves are off, they differ in the following ways:

Construction time– Most of the modifications for transforming shipping containers into houses are usually done in a workshop, although onsite is becoming more renowned for a quicker shelter for DIY’s, This reduces construction time significantly. While a normal house can take up to 3 months (12-16 weeks in some cases)to build, a shipping container one will take a few days to a couple of weeks to complete.

Shipping Container Homes: Steps And Strategies To Building Or Buying Your Own Dream Shipping Container Home Including Plans With Photos

“Some really good ideas for window surrounds  and relocatable deck ideas”

Building materials – While typical houses use materials such as bricks, Hardie plank-paneling and timber for outer walls, container homes – as the name indicates – are made of Quality steel and coated in a special paint(membrane) that provides a strong long lasting sustainable structure that can cope in the harshest of environments.

Building regulations – Regulations for building with traditional materials are not the same as with shipping containers. They differ greatly depending on your locality, some include;  size,  overall look, engineering, suitable for the neighborhood codes, so make sure to research your location first.

” People are starting to pay closer attention to impact  their lifestyle is having on the environment”

Mobility –  container houses are an assembly of several container moduals, they can easily unbolteded and be taken apart and moved to a new location. This is not the case with normal houses especialy with a house on a concrete slab!!!

Assembly – While you can build a normal house using standard construction equipment, you will require specialised equipment to assemble a container house although most tools required for a container project.” you would have in your tool kit anyway. exception would be a MIG welder and gear

Eco-friendliness – Constructing a house using old shipping containers is a great way to upcycle something that would have otherwise gone to waste. This helps conserve a protects the environment. Traditional houses on the other hand just consume new resources and waste.

Aesthetics – Container houses have a  much different and industrial look which makes them more appealing to the eye and gives off a more modern, trendy, edgy look. As opposed to a traditional brick and mortar home.

Extensions – Container houses are a lot easier to extend. All you need to do when you need more space is simply buy another container, modify it, and join it to the ones you already have. “If you say it fast it’s almost too easy”

“Some ideas if you need to expand later down the track”

Strength – Because of the all-steel construction and being able to interlock with one another on cargo ships, containers already engineered to be stronger than its opposition made with ordinary materials.

Perfect“temporary” structure – Shipping containers are that line between permanent structures and temporary structures. If for any reason you cannot construct a  permanent building on your property, a shipping container home offers a great solution because it can be relocated at any time. Helping get around some of those legal teqnicalities.

When you are using shipping containers for houses, all you need to do is purchase them and have them delivered. A concrete pad or a block footing may be sufficient to sit the containers on, or you may want to use some type of concrete strip footings as a foundation…

“This video displays a great range of footing styles you could use”

…it will all depend on your application. The containers can be welded together to keep them in place, although if you bolt them you will be able to relocate the building a lot easier and you get just as strong a join( Use an extra nut as the lock bolt so it does upon itself and it will never move, and you will be fine)

The interior of a shipping container is the perfect blank canvas.  It is a simple matter to add insulation and wiring to the interior.  You can save a great deal of time and money especially when it comes to plumbing and electrical buy keeping the plumbing on one wall and electrical easy and accessible . The container is already a self-contained structure; all that needs to be done is to install windows and the interior structures such as walls and doors. Once the building has been completed, it can become quiet camouflaged to the fact that it was once an industrial shipping container.

Shawns “Cost Comparison”

Traditional: Generally, when you’re building a traditional style home you are looking at, on average $10,000 per room, $15000 per bathroom and a further $20,000 for the kitchen. that’s not including the roof or the garage or the landscaping or connection fee’s and the list keeps on going. So before you no it, you are in the price range of somewhere between $180,000-$500,000 depending on your style and personal choices and size. Then add on the cost of you land $100,00 to upwards of $1,000,000 and before you realize on average you’re at around the $700,000 mark for a 3-4 bedroom home that is just a stepping stone, most people these days don’t tend to stay in one house longer than 6years.

“It seems like an awful lot of money to pay for something you want as opposed to something you need….. Want to make your lifestyle dreams a reality having an online business then click the link and learn about the SFM journey now.”

Container     A container home can go either way in the price range you can have a very simple build and get away with it from $20,000 or end up spending upwards of $300,000 once again it comes down to the individual desired result. You can save a lot of money by purchasing recycled building materials as sometimes you can get an absolute bargain on Gumtree or eBay even check out some recycle yards, Some items may take a little effort and creativity to get them to work but isnt that the point….  You can get so creative with other people’s junk and it can truly become your treasure I believe going with a container based home it can give you a lot more options with the land options you can choose for example;

A steep hillside and area with environmental issues such as wetlands etc can be quiet cheap to buy as opposed to the perfect suburb flat block. you can build in those weird spots on top of the hill to gain  the best views, as long as the crane or machine can lift it into a position you have a building site (there are a lot of ways to do this but that is the safest) with some off-grid products and some effort you could have that dream home for a fraction of the cost.

If your on a very steep and hill land you can stagger them up the hill and create a stunning layered home that you never thought you would possible.

Value for money you really can’t go passed the shipping container concept that is sweeping the eco world by storm.thanks for reading and i will see you in  part -4 when we take a look at underground living and cob houses.

Please leave your comments and feedback so as I can improve by providing you with the best possible information, and if you prefer links or videos as extra information and advice.

Take care

Shawn Fitzgerald

Off grid living part-2=Styles, Designs & Concepts

Hi there,

I’m Shawn Fitzgerald and I am glad to have you back. This time we are going to dive into the design phase(as a carpenter/builder i  love this phase), and really get those creative juices flowing and look at all the “different styles, of off-grid homes and concepts. People from all around the world are embracing” this new trend and lifestyle with no regrets, so come on a journey with me and lets jump right into it…..

Tiny House Ideas

There are many advantages to building a tiny house,   it’s the fact that majority of owners do not have a  mortgage on their tiny houses.  to give you an idea, your monthly mortgage will often be comparable to a luxury car payment or money for that trip of a lifetime. “It can generate a sense of freedom that an outdated crumbling society cannot offer”. Some of you may be thinking how can you to truly make such a small space and turn it into your home. Let’s take a look at how a  tiny house can highlight and demonstrate how versatile, unique your living experience can be! changesssImage result for house on wheels




“This picture cracked me up,lol”

House on Wheels

Everyone loves going on holidays, road trips, but when you’re away you always forget something and wish there was a way to get it. Well, there is. some examples of homes on wheels, check out the link below there is some great examples of styles and interiors. These unique living spaces look like their straight out of a fairy tale. They’re also highly functional.

Building your tiny house on a trailer tray can be a perfect way to see the country without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Making your own custom or buying a trailer can really be a fantastic platform to work from. You can even incorporate retractable or fold up sides for transport which will, in turn, give you more space. For example, build a small deck that folds down for your entry area. Create a lightweight fold-up deck on a side of the trailer

So when it comes down you instantly end up a deck and the same principle applies if you wanted a roof for the deck, with a set of hinges at the top and a little creative design you could have twice as much living area. the possibilities are endless. There are all kinds of storage and living possibilities with tiny house designs.

” Australian rules and regulations, i found this site of the ABC-trippleJ and they had some good information and some good discussions at the bottom of the page for some questions that i found helpful to check out the link below. if you are curious about your own countries laws and regulations strongly urge you to check with your local authorities to have a clear idea of the do’s and dont’s. as there would be nothing worse than building something to only have to pull it apart and start again, as this is apart  of any design phase.” 

Now you let get the imagination running wild here. i  recommend getting a pen and paper and sketch out a tonne of ideas. Rember you have some very powerful tools at your disposal such as Youtube, Google, blogs etc. Take a good look around and see what other people doing and creating, really get inspired and pay a fine attention to detail. Check out the materials they use, how they stop drafts, Insulation techniques, and the mounting methods and so on and so forth…

So you can take ideas and concepts others are doing and roll them into your own unique design which best works for you. Keep in mind when design your idea home the materials you would like to use, i say this because for it to be mobile it needs to be able to tow it.  You don’t want it to weigh 15tonne as less you have a truck to pull it so just keep that in mind everything you do adds weight so get resourceful and really think what you would like it to look like on your sketch so you can execute, and achieve your desired result.

(EGGCRATE Square, 8 Pack) – Mybecca 8 Pack Premium Convoluted Egg Crate Design Acoustic Wedge Panel Studio Soundproofing Foam Wall Tiles 30cm x 30cm x 5.1cm (High Quality)

Check out Bryce Langston’s youtube channel for some amazing ideas and concepts as he travels all around the globe checking out peoples designs and dream off-grid homes..“.

Personally: “It is definitely better to have a plan as a bit of a guideline to what you want to build. For example a sketch, a picture, sometimes its a vision in your head but if you can’t translate it to paper it’s going to be a hard struggle to build or get someone to build it for you. Hoping for the best is not a plan, as it doesn’t always work, you end up wasting money time and materials”.

 Bus  Designs

That’s right, old buses are a perfect platform for a mobile tiny home! These types of living spaces need a bit of creative planning and ideas, although it’s not impossible. The biggest obstacle is figuring out the layout so plenty of research on narrow floor plans. The best thing about a bus is there plenty of layout tips and flow ideas out there because it is very similar to an RV. .

You can pick up buses in all kinds of places like:

  • ex-government Auctions
  • Auction houses
  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • wrecking yards
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Grays online       “These are just a few of the top of my head”


These unique living spaces look like their straight out of a fairy tale. They’re also highly sustainable.

Makita RM02 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Compact Job Site Radio, Tool Only

 Living on the Water

Houseboats make wonderful tiny homes. You always have 100% water views, and if you don’t like your neighbor or you just want a change of scenery simple un-tie your boat and head off on an adventure to look for a new place to stay.

Image result for houseboat community living

As with tiny house communities, there are also houseboat communities. Houseboats all in a row, form a unique community and desirable lifestyle. While living on the water may not be for everyone, it’s worth a look for those who like to feel free by living on the water.

Rock the Boat: Boats, Cabins and Homes on the Water

Living a simpler life often starts with adjusting our daily habits, but for others, it can also mean swapping a big house and stressed out lifestyle, for the more laid back quieter approach.

While there are some rather pricey-looking modern and minimalist versions check it out some of those boats are unbelievable….

This boat below captures a brilliant example, of what patience, time, planning, skill, and research can accomplish.

This next video combines to of my personal favorites witch I personally will be building in the future is a shipping container houseboat. I just think it is the truly awesome concept”

That brings us to the end of another blog, Please feel free to leave your comments below and if you have any questions i will do my best to answer if not ill find somebody who can”.  in part 3 I will be taking you on a journey covering  shipping container homes, cob houses,  and permanent off-grid homes of all sizes l. I hope your this blog got your creative juices flowing and ill see in part 3. Thank you

Shawn Fitzgerald.


Lifestyle 2019 off grid living part-1 Power Source

Hi there,

I  absolutely love the concept of an environmentally friendly off-grid living. The whole concept of being off-grid and self-sufficient sounds so glamorous and appealing. Living a simple and free lifestyle, not at the mercy of constant nagging bills. It also can sound to be near impossible and it must cost an absolute fortune to go off grid,  So i am  here to help provide as quality infomation as i can to help make this dream a reality for anybody who is curious. I don’t think i will be able to jam all the information into one blog so this will be “Part-1 in a blog mini-series”. with a minimum 2 post per week. Enjoy..

So let’s jump straight into it.

To live completely off the grid and reap all the benefits, you will need a reliable and steady source of energy. Alternative energy sources such as Solar, Wind Turbines, Hydroelectricity, and many others have become more efficient and more readily available than ever before. Thanks to the internet, blogs, youtube channels, google and so many valuable platforms we can now get our hands on some of the most amazing innovative products. They Can assist with helping us choose the best alternative ideas, for our continuously and efficiently energy source for our application.

“I have personaly put some appropriate videos and links under each description that are  relevant topics of infomation. Click on the links for a browse around and to help you get a better understanding of each topic. Enjoy….” Shawn.

Power source – eco freindly

Solar Power- SUN

although not impossible to self-install but please be strongly advised if you have no idea please leave it for the professionals, as it can become very expensive for parts and labor to Fix or replace damage work. There is no need to waste unnecessary money and time for sake of pride, ,I do although, Elfeland® EL-09 200W 18V A-Class Semi Flexible Solar Panel Off Grid With 1.5m Cable For Home RV Boat encourage you to have a full understanding of how everything works though and ask your installer any questions you have AFTER the install so he can show you exactly what he has done. (Personal Tip:  Most tradies hate being asked questions as they work as this chews up time and they lose concentration, remember that you are paying for this service with your hard earned cash and you want the best value for money and a quality install. So do your self the favor and offer them a coffee or a drink and be friendly and save the questions till the end and you will find they will be more than accommodating to answer any questions, concerns or technical understandings you may have).

Hydroelectricity- WATER

is also a great way to generate electricity, which is unfortunately probably one of the less popular methods of off-grid electricity. Micro-hydro electricity uses water current from a stream or a water source to run the turn turbines and produce electricity. It is a brilliant  cost-effective way of generating electricity, but in many cases you have to live near a steam or have some kind of running water source, you may consider installing a hydroelectricity producing device and generate electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week which can you lots of money in the long term and a great back up strategy  if there is a failure to another source.

Off-grid Living: Go Green With Diy Micro Hydro Power Systemgy

“I believe this one in the picture is retailed at around  $550 although you would no run your house off it its perfect for a back up solution just click the link below and check out the huge range of products avaliable”….

Wind Turbine

for your best results contact your local weather authorities to find out whether you live in an area were its good for producing wind-generated energy. If you find out how much your average wind area receives, you will be able to figure out how much power you can expect to generate from your turbine system. You may be able to generate 400 watts with a four-foot turbine and run a few appliances( which is pretty impressive for a small divice). Or 900-watt turbine that will be at least seven foot. If you have a big area and a generous budget, you could consider putting up a bigger turbine and generate more electricity, Although as i mentioned earlier make sure you do your research so you can set yourself up the right kind of system that will be most beneficial for your application. Try to apply some of these methods to generate electricity. Even if you don’t plan to live completely off the grid, you can still plan to partially power your hour house or business with some of these off the grid methods and save money and energy.

And i have found this Fantastic book on case studies around the world,  Wind Energy for Power Generation: Meeting the Challenge of Practical Implementation worth checking out.

Power Source-Alternative Options

When designing standalone systems, we aim to keep generator run-time and associated costs to a minimum. Generators are costly to purchase, expensive to run, noisy, polluting and are historically the weak link in any stand-alone power system. If a generator is needed, however, then we recommend the correct unit for your needs, ensuring compatibility and minimizing the risk of other complications.

Generators Diesel

Diesel generators are recommended for off-grid systems that has a lean solar and battery storage capacity. you can get a lithium-ion standalone system with little autonomy.  These systems are more of a reliant on the generator to power higher loads for longer periods of time.  Therefore making the reliability of a diesel generator essential. These generators have a larger capacity have a bigger kva than petrol generators, and are usually more expensive but they are defiantly worth the extra money.

GENPOWER 8.4kVA Max 6kVA Rated Diesel Generator Single Phase Commercial RCD


Dunlite DGUKD8.5ES-2 (8.5KVA) Diesel Powered Generator

Generator Petrol

Petrol generators are used in off-grid systems where the generator isn’t needed as much, and there isn’t a high load-support and charging requirement when it is used. These generators are cheaper than diesel generators, and are usually smaller in capacity. “If you do get one buy a Honda from personal experience they might be more up front but are hands down quieter, cheaper better parts and stronger and more compact for the size of the kva output”.

honda generatorsHonda EU10i (1.0KVA) Inverter Generator - Free Delivery & Honda Accessory Pack

Power Souce – LPG

With LPG, you don’t have to sacrifice your standard of living to reside in a remote location. LPG can provide all the comforts of home with a minimal investment. One of the side benefits of being off-grid is that there are no power outages(just an empty bottle and always at the wrong The system is self-contained and can be supplied almost anywhere worldwide. If you have the room there are large storage tanks available so you don’t run out. CAUTION = MUST be installed up by a qualified or approved installer and must pass a leak test (For the DIY’r use approved gas tread tape on connections and joins and usually pour warm soapy water on joints and connections to see if there are there any leaks before use. You will smell it anyway before you see it anyway so when testing the line just gently turn the gas on and slowly build up the pressure, Easier as a 2 person job) .
“This video is not to deter the use of LPG but, more to high light the dangers if done incorrectly.”


The LPG is delivered by a tanker truck that refills your LPG tank on-site.  You can take your cylinders into an LPG supplier and get your bottle refilled or exchange your cylinders, and replacing them with full ones.(swap and go) It will all come down to how big your tanks are and where they are located. The end result is easy to cook with, comfortable heating, and water heating no matter where you are located and live. but does have downfalls especially in colder climates -10c, it won’t draw out of a 9kg bottle the gas becomes to liquefied you need the 15kg or bigger to draw from.

Ignite Triple Burner Country Cooker Cast Iron LPG Camping Gas Stove 1.5m Hose

Image result for lpg bottles

That brings us to the end of chapter 1.The next blog in the series we are going to go into the design phase of the process and deciding on the many styles of homes to choose from. I hope you have enjoyed reading this please feel free to leave comments below and until next time take care.

Shawn Fitzgerald

Whatcha Building?

Tired of failed Underwater Communication Attempts

After a lot of time and going over copious amounts of research on underwater communication i have come to discover that we are still very limited with resources and still in a prehistoric understanding to the concept. I and many others believe in the last 10years the human race has had some of the most explosive technological advancements in current times than has ever before seen.

For example:

  •  the automotive industry has gone from supercars to now HYPERCARS which bring the concept of a new era of car manufacturing, technology and engineering masterpieces for the most passionate and elite car owners the world has ever seen.

ScalMercedes SLR & Bugatti Veyron) 1:32 Scale Limited Edition Slot Car

  • We are undergoing some mind-boggling space research on Mars, which was only a concept 10 years ago, and now we have drones doing soil tests to see if life could be sustainable and habitable on another planet.

Destination Space: NASA and the Astronauts

  • Not to mention how advanced mobile and computer connectivity technology has taken a huge quantum leap into this new age being referred to as the “DIGITAL ERA” 

Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar 2.9Ghz i7/16GB RAM/512GB Space Grey MPTT2X/A (2017)

Humanity has achieved so much on the surface and beyond our atmospheric reach and yet there is 95% of the worlds ocean floors that have not been explored. Its as if since WW2 the only thing they found was acoustic technology a few boats and a couple of airplanes “. I no this isn’t entirely true but honestly the list of achievements for the scientists and researchers isn’t that long.

There have been so-called breakthroughs such as:

  • Blue laser=  up to 60m horizontal but cannot go much deeper as the laser beam becomes to narrow
  • Acoustic wave= has the greatest range but needs a transponder on the ocean surface to coordinate then transfer into wifi to send to satellites.
  • Micro-wave= although effective, they are only over short distances and requires a transponder on the ocean surface as well.
  • Blue-led= although effective over short distance horizontally it generates the best connection to our surface technologies.
  • Long-term mooring technoligies
  • Bioluminescence sensors
  • SWATH bathymetric sonar
  • ocean bottom seismometers

NOW if I did the same list for space exploration we would get pages and pages of advances?

“There is massive $2.8 billion being spent from 2018 to 2023 for desperate technology advances to underwater Acoustic communication market to protect and monitor the environment. Wich all sounds good in theory but I find it very far fetched. There nowhere near enough funding demanded buy this type technology advancement. even after all these years of trials and experiments why we are still nowhere closer to a solution! why is the next 5yrs going to be any different?

If they keep trying the same techniques with a different strategy they are going to keep coming up with the same results! It is purely insane and it has been going on for far to long. I can in a way believe that the Navy is asking for help from civilian research companies to come on board, as they have had no results in 50years since a technological breakthrough. Compare that to any other arm forces division, it boggles the mind…..

Instead of wasting time and energy on modifying things we already no work.How about we start from scratch, really exploring outside the box and the possibilities that have potential help us really explore our underwater world.

We no sound(acoustic) is the quickest way to communicate underwater so let’s experiment with sound fields, sound waves, maybe a combination of analog technology and digital. “I believe its a puzzle we already have the pieces and all we have to do is piece it together”.

Once we can get a good grip on the communication and how to transmit it properly maintain connection and up to 11000m which is a couple hundred meters deeper than the “Mariana Trench” and from there surely we can have offspring inventions and scientific breakthoughs off the main complex foundation and structure of deepsea communication.

At the end of the day, we are still not any closer to a permanent solution into underwater technology which we desperately need, for environmental applications (shark attacks, monitor marine science etc), Emergency & Rescue, Armed forces and recreational the list could go on and on.

Let’s turn it around, let’s raise more funding and awareness through independent networks, with the likes of the worlds most wealthy,  willing to give back and who is going to make a real difference. Cause in my own opinion “let’s face it governments won’t help until someone else has done the work and then they will take credit “.

So let’s get aware, let’s get creative and let’s begin a new age of underwater exploration and write down our discoveries and think under the horizon and all possibilities that lay beneath

PowerVision PowerRay Underwater Photography&Video Robot Fishing Drone 4K UHD ROV w/PowerSeeker Fish Finder, Streaming & Recording the Underwater World


Drones, mini-submarines, treasures, new species, artifacts, and answers

who knows.

Give this Christmas,rather than receive…

Merry Christmas
Let’s create some funds for the less fortunate and give back. Let’s give the families a break who really need it. By Donating a little or a lot or spread some joy and help put a smile on a strangers face this season. Be true, selfless, humble and caring, and help give and shared the true meaning of this special time of year…
Sometimes Christmas and alcohol, unfortunately, can bring out the worst in us (and I’m guilty of this my self in the past) we tend to forget who we are and can really have a negative impact on the people we truly care about. I’m NOT by any means saying “do not enjoy a beer, bourbon or a wine” these holidays, I am just trying to encourage you to be mindful of your surroundings, company, and environments you are in and please be aware of huge impact and impression you can have on young children that look up to you.
BE that greater version of your self and lend a hand to those who need it. Don’t lose focus on what the true meaning of what this time of year is really about.
Having a Meal with Familly sharing a gift that you made whether it be a physical item or one you have created “ie, a song a poem Its NOT about how many presents you got or how much somebody or people spend, on gifts, even just being apart of the family event is sometimes enough .for the gift.
I encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone(for good reason) because there will be a good chance someone will greatly appreciate it. whether it be donating to a charity, volunteer, buy someone a meal, offer a bed for a night this list can keep on going…
If somebody you know does not have family or are alone for Christmas with do your self the favor and offer out your hand and invite them in no one should be alone on Christmas day.
Merry Christmas

2019 Lifestyle Business Ideas

The term “lifestyle business” refers to businesses that don’t necessarily need venture capital. Some people believe that these businesses don’t require a lot of effort and are easier to build, but let’s put that negative notion to rest. Many lifestyle businesses started off small but its potential to become a prosperous company is so great that it has provided founders with a fulfilling life.

The modern technology that we enjoy these days has provided a lot of people the opportunity to start a lifestyle business, given the fact that they can launch their products and services with the help of the internet and effective online marketing strategies. That being said, let’s delve into the world of lifestyle business ideas and how it goes hand in hand with business models founded online.

Lifestyle Business Ideas: Its Characteristics

If the thought of a business where you have the full control of its ins and outs but can still provide you with the lifestyle you want to achieve is attractive to you, you should choose from among from the many business ideas and start one for yourself. Below are the characteristics your business should have in order to sustain your business and your current lifestyle.

A Clear and Realistic End Goal

The business models that can be derived from the many lifestyle business ideas all have one goal and that is to produce a sustainable revenue stream from a business that can operate mostly on its own. Though you have many business models to choose from, pick one that offers you a decent stream of revenue without having to spend most of your time on it. For example, owners of brick and mortar stores can only operate for as long as the store is open. But move that store online complete with e-commerce features and you’ll end up with a business that can operate 24/7 but you still have a lot of time in your hands.

Smaller Workforce

A lifestyle business doesn’t need a hoard of people to be able to operate. In fact, it’s better to stay as small as possible and only get people to handle tasks that you’ve already established beforehand. If you do employ someone, this person should be freeing up your time.

No matter how small your workforce is, don’t forget to factor in costs added to their payout things like Medicare, Social Security, and payroll taxes. This will also help you decide if your business is better off to be run by yourself so you won’t have to spend your money on salaries.

A Stable Business Culture

It’s already given that you’ll have to strive hard to set up a business, but don’t forget that the business models you choose are something that should allow you to work less. It may be a good idea to hire employees and have them do various tasks such as affiliate marketing, inventory, customer support, etc. The goal of many lifestyle business ideas is to allow you to live your life in accordance with your lifestyle, but this comes with a caveat. You’ll have to carefully manage your hires since you are not running a start-up, one of the many business models that don’t have an enormous flow of cash.

Business Models with Positive Cash Flow

Lifestyle business ideas are created in order to provide people with a business that’s profitable from the very start. This is one of the few business models where you can avoid cash burning operations.

Your business runs on positive unit economics meaning your products or services should be sold for more than the total cost of production, delivery, and marketing.

Top Lifestyle Business Ideas in 2019

Below are the top lifestyle business ideas with business models fit for the online working environment.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Sales

Imagine marketing your wares through the world’s largest online retail platform? This is what the FBA program is all about. It’s one of the best business models since you don’t have to do anything else — Amazon will run your online retail business in exchange for fulfillment and monthly storage fees.

Of course, you’ll have to ship your products to an Amazon fulfillment center and make a product listing. Once listings are up and you begin to acquire sales, you get to receive a portion of the proceeds on a weekly basis.


White sandy beach
Lifestyle Freedom


High Ticket Items

A high ticket item is essentially an item you can sell for a high price. This may be a car or a house, or anything in your possession that’s considerably expensive from furniture to home theater systems. In a retail store set up, high ticket items are products with profit margins and selling price that is considerably higher compared to other items found in the store.

What should be remembered is that a high ticket item is not, all the time, a luxury product. They’re viable lifestyle ideas though since many high priced ideas can be marketed online and thus has the potential of getting sold quickly.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has long established itself as an effective way to make money online, the reason why it’s included in the list of lifestyle business ideas. This is a strategy where a person partners with a business so he can get a commission by simply directing or referring visitors or readers to the business or company’s own affiliate marketing site, e-commerce site, or blog site. This is affiliate marketing in its simplest form. If you want to be successful at affiliate marketing, you’ll have to invest an initial amount of time understanding the campaigns you are joining.

Most jobs require you to be at work in order to generate income, but affiliate marketing offers the opportunity of making money even while you’re sleeping. If you spend time into a campaign initially, your returns will be continuous in time. Just wait for consumers to buy the products over the following days.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is the fact that you still earn even after your work is done. You don’t have to spend all your time in front of a computer. As long as your online marketing skills are spot on, income in affiliate marketing is guaranteed.

<center><a target=”_blank” href=”″><img src=”×90.gif” alt=”My Banner” /> </a> </center>


Freelancing may be one of the best lifestyle business ideas to have ever been created. It has allowed a lot of people to reach clients beyond any geographic barriers, making it one of the most ideal business models there is. You’ll gain access to clients from different states and even in overseas locations.

In freelancing, the more specific you can be about the services or type of job you can do, the better. It will help mold your brand and allow you to control how future clients see you. By improving your skill set, you also get to enjoy higher rates and build a portfolio that will impress any client you wish to work with.


E-commerce sites are business models that have low start-up cost. In the case of brick and mortar stores, they’ll have to pay thousands of dollars for rent, business signs, interior, production, and other upfront costs. You don’t have to deal with this if you take your business online. With an e-commerce site, the whole world is your playground.

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