Give this Christmas,rather than receive…

Merry Christmas
Let’s create some funds for the less fortunate and give back. Let’s give the families a break who really need it. By Donating a little or a lot or spread some joy and help put a smile on a strangers face this season. Be true, selfless, humble and caring, and help give and shared the true meaning of this special time of year…
Sometimes Christmas and alcohol, unfortunately, can bring out the worst in us (and I’m guilty of this my self in the past) we tend to forget who we are and can really have a negative impact on the people we truly care about. I’m NOT by any means saying “do not enjoy a beer, bourbon or a wine” these holidays, I am just trying to encourage you to be mindful of your surroundings, company, and environments you are in and please be aware of huge impact and impression you can have on young children that look up to you.
BE that greater version of your self and lend a hand to those who need it. Don’t lose focus on what the true meaning of what this time of year is really about.
Having a Meal with Familly sharing a gift that you made whether it be a physical item or one you have created “ie, a song a poem Its NOT about how many presents you got or how much somebody or people spend, on gifts, even just being apart of the family event is sometimes enough .for the gift.
I encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone(for good reason) because there will be a good chance someone will greatly appreciate it. whether it be donating to a charity, volunteer, buy someone a meal, offer a bed for a night this list can keep on going…
If somebody you know does not have family or are alone for Christmas with do your self the favor and offer out your hand and invite them in no one should be alone on Christmas day.
Merry Christmas

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