Tired of failed Underwater Communication Attempts

After a lot of time and going over copious amounts of research on underwater communication i have come to discover that we are still very limited with resources and still in a prehistoric understanding to the concept. I and many others believe in the last 10years the human race has had some of the most explosive technological advancements in current times than has ever before seen.

For example:

  •  the automotive industry has gone from supercars to now HYPERCARS which bring the concept of a new era of car manufacturing, technology and engineering masterpieces for the most passionate and elite car owners the world has ever seen.

ScalMercedes SLR & Bugatti Veyron) 1:32 Scale Limited Edition Slot Car

  • We are undergoing some mind-boggling space research on Mars, which was only a concept 10 years ago, and now we have drones doing soil tests to see if life could be sustainable and habitable on another planet.

Destination Space: NASA and the Astronauts

  • Not to mention how advanced mobile and computer connectivity technology has taken a huge quantum leap into this new age being referred to as the “DIGITAL ERA” 

Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar 2.9Ghz i7/16GB RAM/512GB Space Grey MPTT2X/A (2017)

Humanity has achieved so much on the surface and beyond our atmospheric reach and yet there is 95% of the worlds ocean floors that have not been explored. Its as if since WW2 the only thing they found was acoustic technology a few boats and a couple of airplanes “. I no this isn’t entirely true but honestly the list of achievements for the scientists and researchers isn’t that long.

There have been so-called breakthroughs such as:

  • Blue laser=  up to 60m horizontal but cannot go much deeper as the laser beam becomes to narrow
  • Acoustic wave= has the greatest range but needs a transponder on the ocean surface to coordinate then transfer into wifi to send to satellites.
  • Micro-wave= although effective, they are only over short distances and requires a transponder on the ocean surface as well.
  • Blue-led= although effective over short distance horizontally it generates the best connection to our surface technologies.
  • Long-term mooring technoligies
  • Bioluminescence sensors
  • SWATH bathymetric sonar
  • ocean bottom seismometers

NOW if I did the same list for space exploration we would get pages and pages of advances?

“There is massive $2.8 billion being spent from 2018 to 2023 for desperate technology advances to underwater Acoustic communication market to protect and monitor the environment. Wich all sounds good in theory but I find it very far fetched. There nowhere near enough funding demanded buy this type technology advancement. even after all these years of trials and experiments why we are still nowhere closer to a solution! why is the next 5yrs going to be any different?

If they keep trying the same techniques with a different strategy they are going to keep coming up with the same results! It is purely insane and it has been going on for far to long. I can in a way believe that the Navy is asking for help from civilian research companies to come on board, as they have had no results in 50years since a technological breakthrough. Compare that to any other arm forces division, it boggles the mind…..

Instead of wasting time and energy on modifying things we already no work.How about we start from scratch, really exploring outside the box and the possibilities that have potential help us really explore our underwater world.

We no sound(acoustic) is the quickest way to communicate underwater so let’s experiment with sound fields, sound waves, maybe a combination of analog technology and digital. “I believe its a puzzle we already have the pieces and all we have to do is piece it together”.

Once we can get a good grip on the communication and how to transmit it properly maintain connection and up to 11000m which is a couple hundred meters deeper than the “Mariana Trench” and from there surely we can have offspring inventions and scientific breakthoughs off the main complex foundation and structure of deepsea communication.

At the end of the day, we are still not any closer to a permanent solution into underwater technology which we desperately need, for environmental applications (shark attacks, monitor marine science etc), Emergency & Rescue, Armed forces and recreational the list could go on and on.

Let’s turn it around, let’s raise more funding and awareness through independent networks, with the likes of the worlds most wealthy,  willing to give back and who is going to make a real difference. Cause in my own opinion “let’s face it governments won’t help until someone else has done the work and then they will take credit “.

So let’s get aware, let’s get creative and let’s begin a new age of underwater exploration and write down our discoveries and think under the horizon and all possibilities that lay beneath

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Drones, mini-submarines, treasures, new species, artifacts, and answers

who knows.

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