Off grid living part-2=Styles, Designs & Concepts

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I’m Shawn Fitzgerald and I am glad to have you back. This time we are going to dive into the design phase(as a carpenter/builder i  love this phase), and really get those creative juices flowing and look at all the “different styles, of off-grid homes and concepts. People from all around the world are embracing” this new trend and lifestyle with no regrets, so come on a journey with me and lets jump right into it…..

Tiny House Ideas

There are many advantages to building a tiny house,   it’s the fact that majority of owners do not have a  mortgage on their tiny houses.  to give you an idea, your monthly mortgage will often be comparable to a luxury car payment or money for that trip of a lifetime. “It can generate a sense of freedom that an outdated crumbling society cannot offer”. Some of you may be thinking how can you to truly make such a small space and turn it into your home. Let’s take a look at how a  tiny house can highlight and demonstrate how versatile, unique your living experience can be! changesssImage result for house on wheels




“This picture cracked me up,lol”

House on Wheels

Everyone loves going on holidays, road trips, but when you’re away you always forget something and wish there was a way to get it. Well, there is. some examples of homes on wheels, check out the link below there is some great examples of styles and interiors. These unique living spaces look like their straight out of a fairy tale. They’re also highly functional.

Building your tiny house on a trailer tray can be a perfect way to see the country without leaving the comfort of your own home.  Making your own custom or buying a trailer can really be a fantastic platform to work from. You can even incorporate retractable or fold up sides for transport which will, in turn, give you more space. For example, build a small deck that folds down for your entry area. Create a lightweight fold-up deck on a side of the trailer

So when it comes down you instantly end up a deck and the same principle applies if you wanted a roof for the deck, with a set of hinges at the top and a little creative design you could have twice as much living area. the possibilities are endless. There are all kinds of storage and living possibilities with tiny house designs.

” Australian rules and regulations, i found this site of the ABC-trippleJ and they had some good information and some good discussions at the bottom of the page for some questions that i found helpful to check out the link below. if you are curious about your own countries laws and regulations strongly urge you to check with your local authorities to have a clear idea of the do’s and dont’s. as there would be nothing worse than building something to only have to pull it apart and start again, as this is apart  of any design phase.” 

Now you let get the imagination running wild here. i  recommend getting a pen and paper and sketch out a tonne of ideas. Rember you have some very powerful tools at your disposal such as Youtube, Google, blogs etc. Take a good look around and see what other people doing and creating, really get inspired and pay a fine attention to detail. Check out the materials they use, how they stop drafts, Insulation techniques, and the mounting methods and so on and so forth…

So you can take ideas and concepts others are doing and roll them into your own unique design which best works for you. Keep in mind when design your idea home the materials you would like to use, i say this because for it to be mobile it needs to be able to tow it.  You don’t want it to weigh 15tonne as less you have a truck to pull it so just keep that in mind everything you do adds weight so get resourceful and really think what you would like it to look like on your sketch so you can execute, and achieve your desired result.

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Check out Bryce Langston’s youtube channel for some amazing ideas and concepts as he travels all around the globe checking out peoples designs and dream off-grid homes..“.

Personally: “It is definitely better to have a plan as a bit of a guideline to what you want to build. For example a sketch, a picture, sometimes its a vision in your head but if you can’t translate it to paper it’s going to be a hard struggle to build or get someone to build it for you. Hoping for the best is not a plan, as it doesn’t always work, you end up wasting money time and materials”.

 Bus  Designs

That’s right, old buses are a perfect platform for a mobile tiny home! These types of living spaces need a bit of creative planning and ideas, although it’s not impossible. The biggest obstacle is figuring out the layout so plenty of research on narrow floor plans. The best thing about a bus is there plenty of layout tips and flow ideas out there because it is very similar to an RV. .

You can pick up buses in all kinds of places like:

  • ex-government Auctions
  • Auction houses
  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • wrecking yards
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Grays online       “These are just a few of the top of my head”


These unique living spaces look like their straight out of a fairy tale. They’re also highly sustainable.

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 Living on the Water

Houseboats make wonderful tiny homes. You always have 100% water views, and if you don’t like your neighbor or you just want a change of scenery simple un-tie your boat and head off on an adventure to look for a new place to stay.

Image result for houseboat community living

As with tiny house communities, there are also houseboat communities. Houseboats all in a row, form a unique community and desirable lifestyle. While living on the water may not be for everyone, it’s worth a look for those who like to feel free by living on the water.

Rock the Boat: Boats, Cabins and Homes on the Water

Living a simpler life often starts with adjusting our daily habits, but for others, it can also mean swapping a big house and stressed out lifestyle, for the more laid back quieter approach.

While there are some rather pricey-looking modern and minimalist versions check it out some of those boats are unbelievable….

This boat below captures a brilliant example, of what patience, time, planning, skill, and research can accomplish.

This next video combines to of my personal favorites witch I personally will be building in the future is a shipping container houseboat. I just think it is the truly awesome concept”

That brings us to the end of another blog, Please feel free to leave your comments below and if you have any questions i will do my best to answer if not ill find somebody who can”.  in part 3 I will be taking you on a journey covering  shipping container homes, cob houses,  and permanent off-grid homes of all sizes l. I hope your this blog got your creative juices flowing and ill see in part 3. Thank you

Shawn Fitzgerald.


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