Work-place injury, Depression & My Answer

Hi there, Shawno here i would like to tell you my story,

Back in July 2018, it was a Friday, I had a substantial Knee injury at work, I had tears in my posttrial capuaI, ligament and tendon damage, and a torn kneecap. I was working in the Civil And Mining industry. I was the leading hand on a roadworks site, working with a 20tonne excavator.  The water cart came passed our section to give us some much-needed dust suppression. After the water truck drove passed we went back to work. After about 15 mins or so I noticed that the 2inch flex dive pump (water pump) the apprentice had set up was in the wrong spot and it was pumping dry (No water). Knowing this pump, and previous incidents it was only a matter of time before it caught on fire. So instinct took over and I sprung into action, eagerly trying to reach the pump before something bad would happen.

Well it did, I slipped and fell awkwardly up the incline. At first, I stood up embarrassed (as you do after you have just fallen over haha) and continued over to turn off the pump.  It was then once the pump was off I realized something wasn’t right, I don’t know if it was the noise from the pump or the stillness in the air, and the quietness of the pump turned off or just plain old adrenaline.

Being the typical Bloke I tried to shrug it off because I needed to get the job finished. About to head back into the work zone when the excavator operator yell out( might I add laughing his ass off cause he has seen me fall over) its smoko. It was only a 200m walk back to the site compound I thought I would walk it off just like anything else.(She’ll be right).By the time I got back to the compound my knee was the size of a watermelon and seized up with the pain unbearable to stand or walk I had to sit and get ice right away.

After all the paperwork was done it was off to the doctors. The doctor I saw the first time, (i swear he got his doctorate off a cereal box) gave me some aspirin and said rest up and if it still hurts come back on Monday…

So by the time Monday came around, I could walk, I had gone all weekend with no painkillers and no crouches a crying baby and a worn out but eagerly supportive wife( Who came up with the idea to use a stool to hop around the house). So to walk 20 meters with a house broom under my arm down the driveway to get into my company lift to go to the doctors was a feat in itself. After finally get the right advice by a proper doctor, treatment, scans, physiotherapist and crouches I was finally able to mend and heal.

Once the pain was taken care of and I finally emotionally calm down, after the weekend from hell. Then the financial worries started. I was living week to week as it was, now with no more over time and limited movement and new family costs like preschool and educational requirements for my little girl, till I was better this meant no more of the everyday luxuries that I took for granted for example no beer, smokes nothing but rest, ice and painkillers the perfect cocktail for a depressive disaster.

After a week  “Working from home” for reasons only my company knows why. (wink wink) I returned to my work site and was put in the office with a laptop and told to help out with site diaries and do paperwork and help will be given as needed. The safety officer showed me how to use YouTube and eBay on my laptop haha .( I’m a carpenter/ builder by trade and a Machine operator/road builder, I had never had to use a computer for a job before let alone turn one on.) 

I struggled to start with, as anyone would in a foreign alien environment, but as the days went past, mastering bit by bit, then after a few weeks. I became very efficient and what used to take me all day to do, I could get done in an hour or so. which meant I have all day with nothing to do unless something popped up.

There was one day imparticular I remember very clearly I was sitting there daydreaming out the window, watching everybody busy working. It was at that moment I had an epiphany, I decided I was not going to work and spend the next 30 years in harsh, stressful, remote, live away environments working 12hr day busting my body and working for a promotion I deep down didn’t want, praying for a window seat, trading time for money. Worst of all to have a retirement, but I couldn’t enjoy until I am 70years of age and burnt out. It was at this exact moment i decided that i CAN NOT AND WILL NOT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE…

Not to mention the relationship strains with my wife and family and missing out on my little girl growing up. These are huge sacrifices being made not just by me but by all of us in this industry on a day to day basis. I have seen a lot in my 20yrs of working in the construction industry from:

  • Tuff men brought to tears.
  • injury minor/ fatality,
  • Divorces,
  • women unfaithful,
  • men unfaithful,
  • Men losing there kids and contact,
  • Suicides,
  • Depression,
  • Gamblers,
  • Sexuality struggles,
  • Drug and alcohol abuse and I could keep the list going and going…

Then I started using my new found computer skills to see if I could get paid to do something that I could love and make a heap of money quick. I decided off the top of my head that I was going to start a youtube channel called promoting 4wd adventure, modifications, and travel advises and to be an affiliate marketer. By having the channel I could easily promote and sell other peoples products, that was the plan… So I bought a domain name, I half-ass build a site that I had no idea what I was doing and thought its done now I will get paid people will want me to promote stuff ill get paid off youtube ill be rich. HAHA, Boy was I wrong… I wasted the last of my savings $223 and the get quick rich scheme course I did for $300 which was a scam I received no training at all. Now when I reflect back on it, I was angry with myself for trying a quick fix and failing and allowing myself to become so vulnerable at the whole idea and concept that starting my own business was another crushed dream, looked like back to playing in the dirt for the next 30yrs waiting to be 70years old…

Feeling defeated and embarrassed to tell my peers I failed, I went for one last look on youtube for the day and I came across an advertisement telling me about his own personal digital lifestyle business and how he was making consistent income and owed it all to the education of Six Figure Mentors & Digital Expert Academy. So I curiously although skeptical clicked on the link. I entered my email address but I strictly told my self I would no buy anything and that the dream was over and just needed proof that all these ads are scams. Then it offered me a free 7 part video series with Sturt Ross and Jay Kubassek who I had vaguely heard of in my brief research. It was the first time I was offered something for free on this subject and it was more educational than the $300 course in just the first video, it felt like these guys actually understand what I wanted to achieve, and who I wanted to be, so with that, I took a look.

I am so pleased to tell you that I am glad I clicked on that link and entered my email address. It has been a huge life-changing awesome experience for me mentally, physically and financially. Yes, I have had to learn new skills and thinking methods but these new rituals use every day that has added to my achievements,  could never go back to the way things were 6 months ago. that’s right it has been 6mths and I am just only able to walk around properly.  Now I have a successful online business as a marketing affiliate building multiple streams of income on the internet. Although the SFM and DEA education products I personally use are achieving my best online results.

If you have been in a similar situation or you are interested in what I believe to be the worlds best online education to free your self from a job or career you are not passionate about, then please click on the link below. Believe that there is a way you don’t have to wait for retirement to enjoy your life and start doing the things you truly love. Create that burning desire and have faith and all your dreams will come to you.

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