Hi there,

“If your reading this there is a good chance you would like to learn how to be a profitable online Entrepreneur, with the freedom of your own hours, create more wealth and move forward into this amazing digital online world with endless amounts of opportunity”.

To be ownest, you are here to better your :

“Well Being  – Wealth – Personel Growth – life”

“The biggest investment you can make- is by investing in your self”.

I will be extremely ownest with you, being a Eutrpenure isn’t easy and these products i endorse don’t offer a quick fix or get rich programs, however, they do have one of the worlds best education platforms i have ever experienced. They teach how to achieve a successful mindset which will provide, training courses to conquer the digital marketing world and rich, wealthy, lifestyle. These type of results will not happen in two weeks or a 6-week course, it will not happen with minimal effort and certainly not change if you’re not willing to change your mindset.

So who is Shawn Fitzgerald?

I was born in Sydney Australia in 1981.

I am the oldest of 4 siblings and had a very lucky upbringing having our suburb being surrounded by water even at our primary school we had views all day of the bush and the sea. Every afternoon we would go to the waterfront and play in the mangroves, mud, fishing, boats, bike riding and a lot of mischiefs.

In school, I was always told on report cards “If he only applied himself, He is easily distracted” only to find out at the end of year 10 (high school) that I needed glasses I was blind as a bat. “That answers a lot,” my mum said I just shook my head laughing. “That’s why sitting at the back of the room was no good for you. hahaha”

After School, I got a carpentry apprenticeship. I was so happy its what my father and mother wanted me to do get a trade work hard and study hard and one day I could be successful. So I did that I became quite a good tradesman but I was never really happy. Then I had the opportunity to work in the civil and mining industry as a machine operator and construction worker and I was fun until I was let go due to certain beliefs and Chinese whispers, so I found my self on workers comp, unemployed, and all just before Christmas. Definitely, the wrong time of year to have no money and be injured.

Having a little free time I decided to work for myself so for the next 10 years, I traveled west to Europe run out of money, traveled Australia FIFO(fly-In-fly-out) DIDO(drive-in-drive-out) and worked in some of the most isolated and remote places with insane rosters excellent money. It was an awesome life with no cares, no worries, work 6 months have 6 off I was free.

Then one day I woke up and realized I was lonely and wanted more, I broke it down to I wanted to be a dad……….

After heading back home to mum and dads( who were excited to see me by the way) I had to regroup get a good job and be successful I would attract the right women into my life. Boy was that the wrong approach, slapped, abused used and cheated. I was at my lowest point and I was questioning my decision to come back home to everybody doing all the same things before I left telling all the same stories. it was then I decided that if I was finding my soul mate I knew I didn’t know her and I would just stop looking. Within that week I met my wife. and I got a job back in civil construction in a new role, that I always wanted.

A few years went by and we were trying to fall pregnant and we tried everything from diets, reducing stress. I spent so much time on keeping my wife happy and stress-free that I wasn’t taking care of my self. As a guy i thought black and blue it was a female issue. I’m a guy after all …. i undertook a  lot of tests and retests I knew something wasn’t right. The Doctors had told my wife and i that we could not conceive. Cut a long story short after a 2year battle with depression and my long-term addictions we were blessed with a little angel baby girl… The happiest day in my life to date, I had never been so shit scared and excited all at the same time. “It was the slowest drive home from the hospital too, I think I was doing 20kph in a 70kph zone. lol”


Which brings me to my point. (if you’re- still with me).

People I can’t help

  • If you are not willing to invest some time and a little money into your self.
  • if you think you can figure it all out on your own i wish you all the best.
  • if you are not willing to have an open mind.
  • Afraid what everybody else thinks

People i can help:


  • Ownest and hard Working people who are motivated to be a better version of them self and for there kids and loved ones. The guys who want more in a lifestyle they can truly enjoy- freedom -wealth- happiness and are willing to put in the hard work to make it a reality.

“Without being exposed to loud noise, Dust and ridiculous rules and long exhausting hours and rosters.”

  •  Those who are highly motivated and not afraid of a little work and develop new skills set and create a fulfilling infinite amount of opportunities.

Imagine what you’re earning now and you could increase that by 2x3x4 that amount in the next few years because of the leverage of the internet with potential to reach the billions worldwide.

FACT: 166 billion people bought online in2017 ng that year e-commerce and retail produced  2.3 trillion US dollars on the internet with a prediction of 4.48 US dollars by 2021.

White sandy beach
Lifestyle Freedom

I have done a lot of different things over the years,  i have been through a lot of training, completed self-development courses and broken addictions and a lot of travel and on my adventures i have realized that there is no quick fix for anything. Money and wealth is purely a by-product of happiness and self-belief. the big goal is breaking free of the mindset of an old crumbling society and infrastructure that has no place in building a new innovating lifestyle and being your own boss of your own company and spending more time with the ones you love and hold dearest to you.

I PERSONALLY ONLY ENDORSE quality products that I believe to have personal value for a better version of you and your lifestyle for a better tomorrow. 

believe in your self !!!


Shawn Fitzgerald