Affitiate marketing

Affiliate marketing explained.

You may have heard of the term affiliate marketing being used or performance-based marketing. when you have punched into google. Maybe to try searching for methods to improve your online marketing for your brand and get it to a broader range of customers or you were searching for ways to increase your revenue as an affiliate marketer for your own business.

Being introduced to the internet, made advertisers realized that they could increase their revenue by rewarding websites in which could refer customers to a specific site and go on to buy something from the store or seller. In term, this is affiliate marketing or performance-based marketing. An advertiser rewards a website a set amount of commission for each customer that the site refers who goes on to make a purchase usually between 1-10% although there are high ticket items out there up to 40%plus.

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“You can use affiliate marketing as a tool to increase customer traffic, increase your conversion rate, create brand awareness and more …….”

How does it work?

  • The advertiser, it means that you have something to sell (either a product or a service), and you want to use affiliate marketing to boost your sales. Products can include anything from electronic goods through to fashion, and services can consist of flights, or meal delivery services.
  • The Publisher is the website who advertises a product or service and earns a commission when their visitor goes on to the site and makes a purchase. There are so many different types of affiliates including influencers, bloggers, or loyalty websites and more non-traditional affiliates too, including paid search, on-site tech solutions and remarketing to name a few.
  • The consumer is the person who buys something from the advertiser by clicking on an affiliate link or banner, depending on the website that they have visited.

What is an affiliate network?

The affiliate network is a third party that traces transactions and paying the correct affiliate.Some times companies will offer compatible or complementary products and occasionally pass leads to one another . .. A company looking to acquire new customers will pay members affiliate network for the sales and leads that they provide.


If you’re The advertiser The affiliate:

  • Tracking is done by the affiliate network, which means an advertiser doesn’t have to build a system and the affiliate doesn’t need to worry or think about tracking because an impartial third party does (Although it is a good idea to).
  • Affiliate payments are processed by the affiliate network and it makes it easy for the affiliate and advertiser to track successful payments or disputes.
  • For advertisers, there is an endless amount of Opportunites for affiliates and affiliate networks. They are ready to promote and share their items and brands 24hrs a day 7 days a week. The affiliate network attributes the affiliate to the sale using a link, a pixel which gets installed on your website, and a cookie.

What is link

The link allows the affiliate network to send the correct sales to the correct affiliate. When an affiliate is logged in and accepted into your program, they will have access to any creatives you choose to upload or a text link. The link is made up of different components which allows tracking and direction.

What Is a  pixel

Installing the pixel onto your website ensures that the affiliate network is notified whenever a sale is generated via an affiliate. Setup usually is pretty straightforward. Your affiliate network provides instructions on how to do this and depend on which cart you are using.

The Cookies

“The Cookie doesn’t ever collect any personal information, for example, photos or bank information. Only the data set by the website you are on, so it varies depending on the site.”

  • Cookies are files stored on your computer, and they hold a small amount of data like login information, shopping carts or the language you want to view a specific website. “but they do not hold any personal information and can not steal personal information from you in my experience”.
  • You might notice that when you have been browsing a website looking for something, (for example, a pair of shoes), then you will start to see ads for those shoes when you’re browsing the internet. The reason this happens is the cookies on your computer. Alternatively, you clicked ‘yes’ when you got asked if you wanted the website to remember your username and password.
  • When you’re browsing the internet and go to a website, a search is made associated with that site to see if there is already a cookie there.
  • A cookie is created when you visit a new website, and the page has finished loading. Some cookies delete automatically after a period of inactivity, and some expire.


  • The affiliate displays an add for the advertiser on their website, which includes an affiliate link. The ad can be displayed in many different ways and can consist of banners, blog posts, or text links, depending on the website itself.
  • If the consumer clicked on the ad and is taken to the merchant’s website via a tracking link. This tracking link enables the affiliate network to see which affiliate referred the sale and makes sure that the correct affiliate gets paid.
  • The customer buys something on the website.
  • The affiliate network records show the records of purchase.
  • The advertiser confirms the purchase as a valid.

The transactio<center><a target=”_blank” href=”″><img src=”” alt=”My Bannthen (SFM) Six Figurer Mentors could be for” /> </a> </center>n paid to the affiliate who referred the sale.

 “Affiliate marketing can sound daunting at first, but once you break it all down and start to understand the technology and how it works. it really is a lot simpler than it seems. Affiliate marketing is all about relationships, and giving the most value to the customer and the best possible experience you can deliver”.

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