Work-place injury, Depression & My Answer

Hi there, Shawno here i would like to tell you my story,

Back in July 2018, it was a Friday, I had a substantial Knee injury at work, I had tears in my posttrial capuaI, ligament and tendon damage, and a torn kneecap. I was working in the Civil And Mining industry. I was the leading hand on a roadworks site, working with a 20tonne excavator.  The water cart came passed our section to give us some much-needed dust suppression. After the water truck drove passed we went back to work. After about 15 mins or so I noticed that the 2inch flex dive pump (water pump) the apprentice had set up was in the wrong spot and it was pumping dry (No water). Knowing this pump, and previous incidents it was only a matter of time before it caught on fire. So instinct took over and I sprung into action, eagerly trying to reach the pump before something bad would happen.

Well it did, I slipped and fell awkwardly up the incline. At first, I stood up embarrassed (as you do after you have just fallen over haha) and continued over to turn off the pump.  It was then once the pump was off I realized something wasn’t right, I don’t know if it was the noise from the pump or the stillness in the air, and the quietness of the pump turned off or just plain old adrenaline.

Being the typical Bloke I tried to shrug it off because I needed to get the job finished. About to head back into the work zone when the excavator operator yell out( might I add laughing his ass off cause he has seen me fall over) its smoko. It was only a 200m walk back to the site compound I thought I would walk it off just like anything else.(She’ll be right).By the time I got back to the compound my knee was the size of a watermelon and seized up with the pain unbearable to stand or walk I had to sit and get ice right away.

After all the paperwork was done it was off to the doctors. The doctor I saw the first time, (i swear he got his doctorate off a cereal box) gave me some aspirin and said rest up and if it still hurts come back on Monday…

So by the time Monday came around, I could walk, I had gone all weekend with no painkillers and no crouches a crying baby and a worn out but eagerly supportive wife( Who came up with the idea to use a stool to hop around the house). So to walk 20 meters with a house broom under my arm down the driveway to get into my company lift to go to the doctors was a feat in itself. After finally get the right advice by a proper doctor, treatment, scans, physiotherapist and crouches I was finally able to mend and heal.

Once the pain was taken care of and I finally emotionally calm down, after the weekend from hell. Then the financial worries started. I was living week to week as it was, now with no more over time and limited movement and new family costs like preschool and educational requirements for my little girl, till I was better this meant no more of the everyday luxuries that I took for granted for example no beer, smokes nothing but rest, ice and painkillers the perfect cocktail for a depressive disaster.

After a week  “Working from home” for reasons only my company knows why. (wink wink) I returned to my work site and was put in the office with a laptop and told to help out with site diaries and do paperwork and help will be given as needed. The safety officer showed me how to use YouTube and eBay on my laptop haha .( I’m a carpenter/ builder by trade and a Machine operator/road builder, I had never had to use a computer for a job before let alone turn one on.) 

I struggled to start with, as anyone would in a foreign alien environment, but as the days went past, mastering bit by bit, then after a few weeks. I became very efficient and what used to take me all day to do, I could get done in an hour or so. which meant I have all day with nothing to do unless something popped up.

There was one day imparticular I remember very clearly I was sitting there daydreaming out the window, watching everybody busy working. It was at that moment I had an epiphany, I decided I was not going to work and spend the next 30 years in harsh, stressful, remote, live away environments working 12hr day busting my body and working for a promotion I deep down didn’t want, praying for a window seat, trading time for money. Worst of all to have a retirement, but I couldn’t enjoy until I am 70years of age and burnt out. It was at this exact moment i decided that i CAN NOT AND WILL NOT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE…

Not to mention the relationship strains with my wife and family and missing out on my little girl growing up. These are huge sacrifices being made not just by me but by all of us in this industry on a day to day basis. I have seen a lot in my 20yrs of working in the construction industry from:

  • Tuff men brought to tears.
  • injury minor/ fatality,
  • Divorces,
  • women unfaithful,
  • men unfaithful,
  • Men losing there kids and contact,
  • Suicides,
  • Depression,
  • Gamblers,
  • Sexuality struggles,
  • Drug and alcohol abuse and I could keep the list going and going…

Then I started using my new found computer skills to see if I could get paid to do something that I could love and make a heap of money quick. I decided off the top of my head that I was going to start a youtube channel called promoting 4wd adventure, modifications, and travel advises and to be an affiliate marketer. By having the channel I could easily promote and sell other peoples products, that was the plan… So I bought a domain name, I half-ass build a site that I had no idea what I was doing and thought its done now I will get paid people will want me to promote stuff ill get paid off youtube ill be rich. HAHA, Boy was I wrong… I wasted the last of my savings $223 and the get quick rich scheme course I did for $300 which was a scam I received no training at all. Now when I reflect back on it, I was angry with myself for trying a quick fix and failing and allowing myself to become so vulnerable at the whole idea and concept that starting my own business was another crushed dream, looked like back to playing in the dirt for the next 30yrs waiting to be 70years old…

Feeling defeated and embarrassed to tell my peers I failed, I went for one last look on youtube for the day and I came across an advertisement telling me about his own personal digital lifestyle business and how he was making consistent income and owed it all to the education of Six Figure Mentors & Digital Expert Academy. So I curiously although skeptical clicked on the link. I entered my email address but I strictly told my self I would no buy anything and that the dream was over and just needed proof that all these ads are scams. Then it offered me a free 7 part video series with Sturt Ross and Jay Kubassek who I had vaguely heard of in my brief research. It was the first time I was offered something for free on this subject and it was more educational than the $300 course in just the first video, it felt like these guys actually understand what I wanted to achieve, and who I wanted to be, so with that, I took a look.

I am so pleased to tell you that I am glad I clicked on that link and entered my email address. It has been a huge life-changing awesome experience for me mentally, physically and financially. Yes, I have had to learn new skills and thinking methods but these new rituals use every day that has added to my achievements,  could never go back to the way things were 6 months ago. that’s right it has been 6mths and I am just only able to walk around properly.  Now I have a successful online business as a marketing affiliate building multiple streams of income on the internet. Although the SFM and DEA education products I personally use are achieving my best online results.

If you have been in a similar situation or you are interested in what I believe to be the worlds best online education to free your self from a job or career you are not passionate about, then please click on the link below. Believe that there is a way you don’t have to wait for retirement to enjoy your life and start doing the things you truly love. Create that burning desire and have faith and all your dreams will come to you.

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off-grid living achieved with affiliate marketing

Have you ever dreamed of living an off-grid and debt free lifestyle? Whether you’re interested in the privacy, the freedom, or the sheer flexibility of an untethered lifestyle, thanks to the rise of affiliate marketing it’s never been more possible to go off-grid. Even if you don’t have any resources to start with, you can do it without compromising a debt-free lifestyle. Today, we’ll talk about how affiliate marketing enables and supports off-grid living, to whatever extent you desire. It’s a debt-free lifestyle where your effort becomes your reward, instead of simply allowing you to pull one paycheck you’ll immediately turn over to utility companies, cable companies, landlords, and others.


Financing your lifestyle

Living an off-grid lifestyle can be very difficult and very expensive, which often keeps it in the realm of dreams for your average 9 to 5 worker. Of course, the expense can vary wildly depending on whether you want to be truly off-the-grid, with no dependence on utility companies, grocery stores, or other outside groups, or just want to be able to cut the cord and live as you like without worrying about your job or going into debt.

Regardless of which you’re interested in, the principle remains the same: You need money in your pocket and you need flexibility in your lifestyle. Affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to achieve both, quicker and with less start-up capital than any alternative—a truly promising start for a tether-free, debt-free lifestyle. You’ll be able to move somewhere cheap and build yourself a self-sustainable high-efficiency home or take your life around the world, living in hotels and room rentals with nothing but your laptop for work.

Relative to other businesses you might start online or off, affiliate sales allows you to start earning money at a nearly unmatched speed. As soon as your content goes live, it can potentially start sending visitors through your links—then it’s just a matter of how quickly your affiliate program of choice pays out. This means you could potentially start earning from affiliate programs in under a week, depending on how quickly your content gets in front of the right eyes and how much effort you put in.


No more spending money just to get by

Just imagine how great it would feel be to be bill free, to never see another piece of mail charging you for living your life, to never drag yourself into work because the alternative is going hungry, or having your power cut off, or losing internet access. Every dollar you earn can be earned for yourself, paying to build your own property value or pay for a new exciting trip. It’s the lifestyle everyone dreams of, but puts off for retirement—or forever.

But affiliate programs can complement this off-grid debt free lifestyle with multiple income streams, and make your dream a reality now. Whether you keep grinding away at your career while using affiliate programs as additional income or go all in on multiple channels of affiliate marketing, you’ll soon find that your effort doesn’t fade away and leave you struggling for the next paycheck. It adds up, with new work connecting with old to create more and more streams of revenue.

You’ll also notice that over time, affiliate marketing can become a self-sustaining business. A new piece of content doesn’t just bring eyes and earnings for itself, but for all other content, you produce. You can put together entire websites that require only a tiny bit of attention to maintain earnings, which in turn allows you to put together other sites and earners. You can do all of this on your own, or outsource upkeep when you’re big enough to spare yourself even more time.


Promote and endorse the products you purchase and receive money commissions on sales

One of the best aspects of affiliate marketing is that you get to turn your hobbies and interests into a career. Think about all of the times you’ve given a friend or acquaintance a gushing review about a favorite product, just because you wanted them to try it. Affiliate marketing is that as a job. You promote products you like earnestly, and people who share your interests will learn to trust your recommendations and follow through on your suggestions.

It’s far easier to be a success in affiliate marketing with an earnest interest in what you’re promoting and endorsing, so don’t distract yourself with worries about what ‘makes the most’—what makes the most is what you can create the best content about. It’s a perfect fit for living an off-grid and debt-free lifestyle because it rewards staying true to what you enjoy.

As a side benefit, you’ll find it’s much easier to justify experimenting with products and trying new things related to your interests when it’s a critical component of your ‘job’—no more lengthy debates with yourself over whether to try something new, when trying something new gives you new insight and knowledge you can share as part of your affiliate marketing endeavors.


Mobility and flexibility

Living off-grid doesn’t have to mean buying the cheapest parcel of land in the middle of nowhere and fortifying it like a bunker unless that’s your dream. As an affiliate marketer, you can pull regular income without tethering yourself to a location or lifestyle, meaning you can go wherever you like whenever you like. You can do what you want and buy what you need, without putting yourself back into the rat race and participating in a system you’re no doubt tired of. A debt-free lifestyle off-grid is the best thing you’ll ever experience.

Feel under the weather for a few weeks? You can change your workload without worrying about bills. Have a little self-sufficient off-grid farm and need time for your harvest? No worries, your affiliate sites will keep earning while you spend some time in the sun.

Don’t feel like being self-sufficient this month? This year? Then dive into your marketing work and earn a bit more to cover the items and labor you need to keep your lifestyle comfortable. It’s all up to you. There’s no career where it’s easier to stay flexible so you don’t get bored while still living debt free lifestyle.

After all, affiliate marketing covers a huge range of day-to-day endeavors. You can move from blog posts about fine watches to YouTube videos about consumer electronics, or work on both at the same time—as long as you’re willing to put in the effort to support each channel and revenue stream, the sky is the limit.


Success is waiting

Countless affiliates live a debt-free lifestyle from their YouTube sites, their blogs, their Instagram accounts, their social media posts. There are channels and mediums out there for every audience, every product, every market imaginable. A single motivated person with an interesting way of reviewing products can become an international celebrity from their endeavors on a single YouTube channel, without ever doing more than honestly appraising their favorite products.

You can do it too. You just need to figure out what you care about, what interesting things you have to say about the things you care about, and who your audience should be. Be funny or serious, be focused in an industry or honest to a gimmick, stick to a single brand or diversify across different products, channels, and audiences.

You just need to work for it, and you’ll be able to live the off-grid debt free lifestyle you desire. Free from an office building, and bills in the mail, and debt collectors, and worries about how you’ll pay for the next holiday or medical bill or car repair.

How to potentional buy and own a home sooner.

The cost of building a house today is higher than it was a few years ago and researchers have predicted that the price will go even higher in the next decade.

With the economic situation and technology, building and construction materials are gaining more value and this has a significant effect on the final cost of building a new home.

This has left a lot of people with the sole option of buying a completed house to avoid the loss and stress of making a new one altogether.

This is because buying a new home is cheaper and has numerous benefits compared to building your own. These benefits include avoiding the hustle of purchasing land, contracting architects, engineers, and construction managers, getting the convenience of available amenities that come with a pre-established neighborhood among many other advantages

Even with the benefits of buying a home, a house being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it is affordable. It might prove to be very hard to save for the deposit or even the following monthly installments.

Reaching the target deposit might be a challenge especially with the existence of high price items and today’s high cost of living.

Image result for six figure mentors results

However, do not be intimidated there is a potential solution. There is a World-Class Education and mentorship program that has helped a lot of people. This world-class education program is known as Six figure mentors (SFM) and Digital Expert Academy (DEA). 

SFM DEA is a worldwide and world-class education provider that enriches you with a necessary world-class education that empowers you to better your online presence with different product lines. SFM DEA provides a customized world-class education and focused mentorship package, which will help you achieve various financial goals concurrent with saving to buy a home.

“In short, the extra money moves you from a tiny house or unconventional lifestyle to a bigger and better home coupled with a higher-level lifestyle and financial freedom”.

Even with the world-class education they provide, the pre-mentioned mentors offer a sales funnel that has the potential to earn you a little or a  lot of money determined by you and your needs. The SFM DEA sales funnel works in 4 steps.

Image result for six figure mentors

  1. There is a free Online video training package, There is a landing page which can be customized and assists you to sign new leads and clients.The second step is the application sales page where you earn $20 commission for selling a $29.95 application. The third step is the application submission step where your lead submits their request to SFM DEA.
  2. The final step is the Business system upgrade where you earn a whopping $200 / $100 commission for all membership upgrade sales on SFM DEA and a following $20 commission for the continuing membership months.The extra money provided by SFM DEA is an excellent supplement especially if you are low on cash to buy a new home. This conclusively shortens the time you would take to earn money to complete your deposit.To buy a home faster,

1. Creating a clear Plan and setting realistic goals

The first step in purchasing a home soon is to plan and set goals. The following are a few tips on the general planning to buy a new home;

Create a checklist where you can cross off every achievement

This makes the decision-making process transparent and concise which at the end of the day shortens the process of buying a new home.

Setting a timeframe within which you should be in a new home gives you a preview of the whole process and helps you make decisions beforehand.

Determine how much you are willing to spend on a new home, specifically on repayment and initial costs

Do not exert or exhaust your whole savings. Leave enough for future emergencies. If possible find a way to get the extra money required. In fact, exploiting the SFM DEA sales funnel mentioned above might just be what you need!

Make a budget for all expenses that you will incur during the whole process

Consider all the costs that you will pay for including gas, coffees, retainers and all necessary fees. Until you have a clear budget, you might not be able to have the complete picture of moving to a new home. If necessary, let the extra money earned from SFM DEA cater for the small expenses.

Finding a way to increase your savings and earnings

This broadens your house options and the higher the buying price, the bigger and better the home. Getting the extra money requires a new spectrum of thinking, and it may even not include your salary.

Paying off existing loans increases your borrowing limits, and this might come in handy. SFM DEA commission method might bring in the extra money without you having to break a sweat. With the world class education, they provide, you might even get much than what your salary gives you.

• Make a clear list of what home characteristics you want and which you don’t. This will shorten the search criteria and hence save you time and money.

2. Seeking funds early enough

Yes, you have made a clear and concise plan, and it is now the best time to confirm if your bank is willing to offer the extra dime.

Visit your banking agents and explore new banking options with a working figure at hand. Find out how much you will get from the bank and take note of all the possible outcomes and interest rates.

Ensure you will not cripple yourself trying to pay back the money borrowed.

You can also get reviews on borrowing experiences from friends as it helps you determine the best options since experience is the best teacher.

Starting to save early might also prove to be of benefit. Finding extra money will surely speed up the process.

3. Get a real estate consultation team in place

Experts are experienced people in their respective fields. They must have had a world class education for them to be experts in the first place. With the vast years of accumulated knowledge and experience they bring to the table, their input is invaluable, and they will create a clear path for you to follow and also be with you every step of the way.

This will shorten the time you might spend consulting on different options being offered.

There are a few experts who will guide you in the process of buying a new home such as;

Financial advisor

A financial advisor is one of the critical experts needed especially to make the process quick and effective. A financial advisor gives you a summation of your projected income versus monthly and final expenditure.

He also advises you on the most comfortable amount you can spend on the new home and various financing options available including good sources of extra money.

This knowledge will save you time considering you would have had to make numerous transactions to gain enough experience to make a clear decision for yourself.

Mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers assist you throughout the whole process from loan acquiring to buying to settlement. They offer you a lot of options, and with their connections to different lending institutions, they could save you a lot of time during loaning.

Legal representative

Getting an experienced legal representative or using the one you already have is extremely important. Having them prepare the needed legal documents early in advance will quicken the home buying process.


To save time, find a realtor who is based in the area you are considering moving to. This makes it easier to buy a home since he most probably has a good working relationship with the homeowners wishing to sell.

4. Begin the hunt

With the approximate expenditure target in mind, set out early to look for a home. Do not stay too long in a place trying to negotiate. If they do not offer what you had planned for, move to the next house. If you find no suitable home at the end of the day, then you need to change your search criteria.

5. Make a strong offer

Once everything is in place, ensure you make a firm, reasonable and achievable offer. This eliminates a lot of competition and also quickens the whole process.

With a good suggestion, the owners will not spend a lot of time coordinating the complete bargaining processes.

In conclusion, money does the talking. For every step to fall into place, financial backing must be reliable. If you wish to get a new home in the least amount of time possible, all the factors mentioned above are necessary.

“The world-class education provided at SFM and at DEA is essential as it sets you up for more earnings to push you a stair higher regarding financial backing. Note that any legal source of extra money should always be welcome”.