How to potentional buy and own a home sooner.

The cost of building a house today is higher than it was a few years ago and researchers have predicted that the price will go even higher in the next decade.

With the economic situation and technology, building and construction materials are gaining more value and this has a significant effect on the final cost of building a new home.

This has left a lot of people with the sole option of buying a completed house to avoid the loss and stress of making a new one altogether.

This is because buying a new home is cheaper and has numerous benefits compared to building your own. These benefits include avoiding the hustle of purchasing land, contracting architects, engineers, and construction managers, getting the convenience of available amenities that come with a pre-established neighborhood among many other advantages

Even with the benefits of buying a home, a house being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it is affordable. It might prove to be very hard to save for the deposit or even the following monthly installments.

Reaching the target deposit might be a challenge especially with the existence of high price items and today’s high cost of living.

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“In short, the extra money moves you from a tiny house or unconventional lifestyle to a bigger and better home coupled with a higher-level lifestyle and financial freedom”.

Even with the world-class education they provide, the pre-mentioned mentors offer a sales funnel that has the potential to earn you a little or a  lot of money determined by you and your needs. The SFM DEA sales funnel works in 4 steps.

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1. Creating a clear Plan and setting realistic goals

The first step in purchasing a home soon is to plan and set goals. The following are a few tips on the general planning to buy a new home;

Create a checklist where you can cross off every achievement

This makes the decision-making process transparent and concise which at the end of the day shortens the process of buying a new home.

Setting a timeframe within which you should be in a new home gives you a preview of the whole process and helps you make decisions beforehand.

Determine how much you are willing to spend on a new home, specifically on repayment and initial costs

Do not exert or exhaust your whole savings. Leave enough for future emergencies. If possible find a way to get the extra money required. In fact, exploiting the SFM DEA sales funnel mentioned above might just be what you need!

Make a budget for all expenses that you will incur during the whole process

Consider all the costs that you will pay for including gas, coffees, retainers and all necessary fees. Until you have a clear budget, you might not be able to have the complete picture of moving to a new home. If necessary, let the extra money earned from SFM DEA cater for the small expenses.

Finding a way to increase your savings and earnings

This broadens your house options and the higher the buying price, the bigger and better the home. Getting the extra money requires a new spectrum of thinking, and it may even not include your salary.

Paying off existing loans increases your borrowing limits, and this might come in handy. SFM DEA commission method might bring in the extra money without you having to break a sweat. With the world class education, they provide, you might even get much than what your salary gives you.

• Make a clear list of what home characteristics you want and which you don’t. This will shorten the search criteria and hence save you time and money.

2. Seeking funds early enough

Yes, you have made a clear and concise plan, and it is now the best time to confirm if your bank is willing to offer the extra dime.

Visit your banking agents and explore new banking options with a working figure at hand. Find out how much you will get from the bank and take note of all the possible outcomes and interest rates.

Ensure you will not cripple yourself trying to pay back the money borrowed.

You can also get reviews on borrowing experiences from friends as it helps you determine the best options since experience is the best teacher.

Starting to save early might also prove to be of benefit. Finding extra money will surely speed up the process.

3. Get a real estate consultation team in place

Experts are experienced people in their respective fields. They must have had a world class education for them to be experts in the first place. With the vast years of accumulated knowledge and experience they bring to the table, their input is invaluable, and they will create a clear path for you to follow and also be with you every step of the way.

This will shorten the time you might spend consulting on different options being offered.

There are a few experts who will guide you in the process of buying a new home such as;

Financial advisor

A financial advisor is one of the critical experts needed especially to make the process quick and effective. A financial advisor gives you a summation of your projected income versus monthly and final expenditure.

He also advises you on the most comfortable amount you can spend on the new home and various financing options available including good sources of extra money.

This knowledge will save you time considering you would have had to make numerous transactions to gain enough experience to make a clear decision for yourself.

Mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers assist you throughout the whole process from loan acquiring to buying to settlement. They offer you a lot of options, and with their connections to different lending institutions, they could save you a lot of time during loaning.

Legal representative

Getting an experienced legal representative or using the one you already have is extremely important. Having them prepare the needed legal documents early in advance will quicken the home buying process.


To save time, find a realtor who is based in the area you are considering moving to. This makes it easier to buy a home since he most probably has a good working relationship with the homeowners wishing to sell.

4. Begin the hunt

With the approximate expenditure target in mind, set out early to look for a home. Do not stay too long in a place trying to negotiate. If they do not offer what you had planned for, move to the next house. If you find no suitable home at the end of the day, then you need to change your search criteria.

5. Make a strong offer

Once everything is in place, ensure you make a firm, reasonable and achievable offer. This eliminates a lot of competition and also quickens the whole process.

With a good suggestion, the owners will not spend a lot of time coordinating the complete bargaining processes.

In conclusion, money does the talking. For every step to fall into place, financial backing must be reliable. If you wish to get a new home in the least amount of time possible, all the factors mentioned above are necessary.

“The world-class education provided at SFM and at DEA is essential as it sets you up for more earnings to push you a stair higher regarding financial backing. Note that any legal source of extra money should always be welcome”.